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I suppose it’s true that there isn’t necessarily a direct connection between having ISO9001:2000 certification and actually producing a quality product. I suppose that if you just want to have the certificate, and not actually follow the intent of ISO, it is possible to do. In fact, I’ve worked at a company that fell into that category, and I hated it.

But it’s my opinion that if ISO third party auditors are actually doing their job, they will look for continual improvement in the company’s quality. Things like improved customer satisfaction, reduced quality problems, reduced customer returns, things like that. ISO is not solely about “saying what you do, and doing what you say”, it goes a bit beyond that. ISO wants you to measure meaningful criteria so that you actually do improve your product or service, and actually do improve your customers’ satisfaction.

But the writer has a valid point that just because a supplier has an ISO certificate, you can not take for granted that the company will supply you with better, cheaper, and/or faster products or services.

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