Alchohol and the Audit

I swear this is true…I am not making it up … although I have left out names of the guilty.

A small, highly disorganized company hired me to consult on their ISO quality system 4 weeks before their upcoming audit. This company was really only interested in getting a pretty certificate to show their customers, they never really intended to follow ISO, that much was obvious from the start. The place was a shambles, both physically and organizationally.

Fortunately for the company owner, the auditor loved to talk about himself, which the owner used to his advantage. They even went out at lunch and drank. Back at the office, bottles of wine were opened and the auditor and owner continued drinking. By 5:00 the auditor was pretty tipsy, and the company passed their certification. So many things were overlooked. Personally, if I had been the auditor this company would never have passed. If I hadn’t witnessed this episode in person, I’d never have believed it.

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