He Just Wouldn’t Shut Up!!!

Many years ago we went thru an ISO registration audit with an auditor I’ll call Mike (although his real name was Fred Thomasikalson, Minneapolis, MN, 616-555-1212) (just kidding!). Mike was an older guy, not too far off from retirement. It turns out that Mike LOVED talking about fishing, hunting, his cabin in the mountains, his grandchildren, his retirement….and on and on and on….. He really wasn’t all that interested in conducting an ISO registration audit, he just wanted to talk about his life. He wasn’t a bad guy, but was fairly useless as an auditor. Yes, we passed our audit, mostly because I think we listened to him. So I guess we got what we wanted, but I did feel somewhat cheated out of what could have been a good learning experience. I remember this auditor did about 1 hour’s worth of work during an 8 hour day. But we passed the audit, got our certification, and all was well.

Now, I wonder if he’s sitting in his boat talking about ‘the good old days as an auditor’, while his grandchildren are waiting to go fishing.

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