Corrective and Preventive Actions

A system to generate and handle Corrective and Preventive Action Requests (CAR’s and PAR’s) is a requirement of an ISO9001:2000 quality management system, and a good idea for any quality system.

In case its not obvious, a corrective action request is generated to correct some deficiency or nonconformance that has occurred. And, perhaps just as obvious, a preventive action request is generated to PREVENT a potential nonconformance from occurring.

CAR’s generally outnumber PAR’s by a huge margin. Most people in business are too busy to spend time generating preventive action requests. Heck, most people don’t even want to generate corrective action requests. However, the need for CAR’s is usually much more obvious than PAR’s.

What some people don’t realize, though, is that a good CAR response will also include preventive action. It’s all fine and good to remedy a problem that has already happened. However it’s much, much more effective in the long run to take it one step further and also take preventive action. Your Corrective Action Request form should include a section for corrective action taken, and also for preventive action taken to prevent recurrence of the nonconformance. It’s another good idea to include a provision to check status of the corrective action some time down the road, like, say a month later.

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  1. Responsibility for Corrective Action…

    Who assigns corrective and preventative action requests, and who has to remedy them?

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