Customer Related Processes

Your ISO9001:2000 quality management system (QMS) should be tailored to your organization. The Customer Related Process discussed here is one process that may be used by quite a few companies, but may not necessarily relate to your situation. You have to decide for yourself.

The Cycle Guys is a company that sells motorcycle parts. Orders are called in, or sent via a website. Occasionally a customer might call back to add something, change an item, or cancel their order. Obviously if the customer has waited too long, and the order has shipped, then there’s not too much Cycle Guys can do about it.

However there are times when the customer calls with changes before the order has shipped. The Cycle Guys must devise a way to control their order process so that the correct order is shipped to the customer. How to do this?

At The Cycle Guys, when a sales order is entered into their computer, a copy of the order is printed out for shipping.

The Cycle Guys quality procedure states that the salesperson taking the customer call must immediately walk out to the warehouse to find the physical copy of the order. If the order has already been picked, the salesperson must notify the shipping person that the order will be changed. Whether or not the order has already been picked, the salesperson must find the physical copy of the order and destroy it. Only after the physical sales order is destroyed is the salesperson to then enter the new sales order.

This system depends on the salesperson doing his job and following the procedure. There might be a better way to do this depending on software capabilities of the company, how many people work there, and a variety of other issues. But for a small, 4 person company such as The Cycle Guys, this procedure seems to be working fine.

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