How would you implement an ISO9001:2000 quality system for your website?

Let’s say you’ve got a website that is a forum with news and reviews on a particular topic, such as motorcycles. You intend to have advertising on your site, so it is a profit making venture. How would you implement an ISO9001:2000 quality management system for such a business?

Your “product” would be your website. Your customers are the good people who will hopefully send you checks to advertise on your site. Would the ISO requirement for Design and Development apply? Probably. You are, after all, continually designing and developing your website. I think it would be fairly easy to document a process of how your website is designed and written. Maybe there could be a process whereby any new content is reviewed and must be approved by the company owner, or some person other than the writer. You could have an electronic signature on the document to provide proof that the process was followed.

How would you measure customer satisfaction? Since you don’t have a physical product, you can’t count the number of returns. There are a myriad of other ways you can measure customer satisfaction here.

You could always ask your customer how you’re doing and document the results. Hopefully you would format your questions so they’re in the form of objective numbers, which would be easy to quantity and track. Over time, hopefully, your customer satisfaction numbers should increase.

You could also count the number of clicks from your readers to the advertisers’ websites. I guarantee your advertisers are keeping track of this, you should too.

In a weird way it’s kind of interesting to think about esoteric little businesses and how ISO9001:2000 may or may not work out. I’ve yet to find a business where ISO doesn’t apply.

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