Information on ISO9001:2008 – its almost here!

Yes, I know it’s going to be nearly 2009 before the 2008 ISO9001 revision comes out. No one ever said a bureaucracy moves quickly.

After a lot of rumors, speculation and innuendo, the new ISO9001:2008 revision is almost here. Here’s the good news: THE 2008 REVISION CONTAINS NO NEW REQUIREMENTS! That’s right…you won’t have to rewrite your manual.

You can’t get a new certificate that says “2008” until the standard is actually issued, which will be late in 2008. However any registration or surveillance audits done after it’s issued can be done to the 2008 standard….which is essentially the same thing as the 2000 standard.

The 2008 revision contains clarifications of the existing standard, but no new requirements. Yay!

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4 Responses to “Information on ISO9001:2008 – its almost here!”

  1. Site Reader says:

    It is now published. (Nov. 15th 2008)

  2. Raymond says:

    Is it true no changes? Please clarify? thanks

  3. Ali. T. Mohamed says:

    what are the changes done on ISO9001:2008; of the previous version of 2000

  4. Timothy says:

    ISO9001-2008 contains no new requirements! That’s great news for us. The 2008 standard does contain some changes, however they are only to clarify the same requirements as listed in the 2000 standard.

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