ISO9001-2008 Similarities to Government

The other day I noticed a small sign in a restaurant, noting that the county had given it an “A” rating. It dawned on me that the local county does, in a way, perform a function similar to ISO9001-2008.

Of course, ISO9001-2008 performs a few functions. It, hopefully, helps in the organization of the company, with all employees on the same page, using the same, correct information. If properly followed it should increase your company’s quality of products and/or services, and increase customer satisfaction. Having your ISO9001-2008 certification might help you attract new customers, who wouldn’t have previously considered you. In many ways, it should help add to your bottom line.

But those are internal benefits. There’s an external benefit. Just like that restaurant’s “A” rating, having your ISO9001-2008 certificate can give existing and potential customers a sense of comfort that this is a good place to do business with.

Government at all levels performs a similar function. The Food and Drug Administration investigates and regulates drugs. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regulates what we drive. The list is endless, probably too long actually. These are often valuable functions, not only to try to keep the public as safe as possible, but also because most of us don’t have the time or ability to check out everything on our own. Assiging ratings, whether it be government or private organizations like Consumer Union, helps us make better choices in what we buy.

One of the reasons ISO9001 came into being was a desire to standardize a system to audit organizations’ quality systems by independent, third party auditors. Just like you don’t really have the time and ability to check out the cleanliness and safety of that local restaurant, every company in the world does not have the resources or desire to perform a complete investigation of every company they’d like to do business with. And, of course, that restaurant doesn’t really want to have every potential customer coming into the kitchen to check things out. Having a standardized system of audits isn’t always perfect, but it’s a good way to help people have confidence in their business partners.

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  1. Richard Pike says:

    Not to mention that citzens generally have the same reaction to Government as employees have to ISO.

  2. Richard Pike says:

    Not to mention that citzens generally have the same reaction to Government as employees have to ISO. – Giving quality a home.

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