ISO9001:2000 section 5.5 Responsibility, Authority, Communication

According to section 5.5 of the ISO9001:2000 standard, to be in compliance with the ISO standard you must ensure that responsibilities are well defined. documented, and communicated throughout your organization.

One task you must do is appoint a management representative to the quality system, which we’ve discussed recently in another post.

Today we’ll go into the “internal communication” part of the requirements.

Your company’s top management must ensure that there are established and documented methods of communication within your company, and that communication actually takes place regarding the effectiveness of your quality system. Of course, in order to prove to an auditor that communication actually takes place, you must have records. Sorry, it’s not enough for you to simply tell your auditor something like “yeah, sure, we talk about the effectiveness of the quality system all the time!”.

As with most things relating to ISO9001:2000, the standard tells you what you must do, but leaves it up to you how you should accomplish the task. As long as your methods are effective for your particular situation, and they pass the scrutiny of an ISO auditor, you’re good to go.

One highly effective method of internal communication regarding the effectiveness of the quality system is the management review meeting. Periodic management review is another requirement of ISO9001:2000, so in a way you’re killing two birds with one stone by conducting management review meetings. Of course you’re recording your management review meetings, their input and output, etc, so this is one way to prove to your auditor that you have a method of communication and you’re actually communicating. The minimum frequency for management review meetings is once per year, but I highly recommend having them more frequently while your new quality management system matures. If you’re actively using your new quality management system, you’ll likely have to make quite a few changes in the first couple of years.

The management review process should not be the only method of internal communication used regarding the effectiveness of the quality management system. You can use things like memos, signs, other scheduled and non-scheduled meetings, training programs, and whatever other kinds of communication you can think of. Just be sure your methods of communication are well documented in your quality manual and/or procedures, and that there are records of these communications taking place.

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  1. B.S.RAO says:

    the authorities also very important as per the ISO9001:2000. But where as in this article only responsbilities are described !!!!!!!.

  2. Sir we have precuired 6 Agarbatti machine from Sharp engineering, penniya industrial estate in Bangalore with automatic feeder,mixing machine and filtering machine.All are failure model and they have not a single visit to solve the issues,One of the blade damaged three months back and that machine is idle.Till date they have not supplied the same even though we accepted to remit the cost. We have made investment around 8lacks with the machine.
    As the said company is an ISO certified company we have chooses the said company. Please note all the machine precuired December 2015.This is for your kind information.

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