More on Internal Auditing

Internal audits are a requirement of ISO9001:2000. ISO mandates that you do them a minimum of once per year. You might find internal audits to be so valuable that you’ll want to conduct them two or more times per year.

You’re free to conduct your internal audits any time you like. However it is a very good idea to conduct an internal audit about 1 to 2 months prior to your third party audit, whether it be a registration audit or surveillance audit.

The reason for this is simple. You want to have a month or two before your third-party audit audit to give you enough time to correct nonconformances detected during your internal audit. You don’t want your third-party auditor to find any major nonconformances.

It is imperitive that you issue Corrective Action Requests as soon as possible, and that your people address those CAR’s promptly. Corrective action should be implemented as soon as possible in order to have a good track record when your third party audit comes along.

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