More on Internal Auditing

One of the challenges in conducting internal audits is finding people…the right people…to do it. You’ve got to have people that are properly trained, are motivated, and have a fair amount of diplomacy and communication skills. Your internal auditors should also be unbiased, and should not audit their own area of the company. For this reason, you’ll probably want to split the internal audit duties between two or more people.

Internal auditors must be given sufficient time away from their usual job to do an adequate job of auditing. This isn’t always easy, but it is absolutely necessary. This is one way to test the commitment of senior management to the quality management system. If management is not willing to let a person take time away from their normal duties to conduct the internal audit, there’s a good chance the whole quality system is doomed to failure.

Internal auditors must also be properly trained. Internal auditing isn’t brain surgery, but there is a fair bit of knowledge required to do an adequate job. Unless you have people in your company already familiar with ISO9001:2000 procedures, you’ll probably have to have some training sessions to get them ready. Again, this will require time away from their normal job. It may also require a financial investment if you need to bring in an outside consultant to conduct training.

More on internal auditing later.

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  1. Saras Pathar says:

    Our organisation has been certified for more than 10 years. I have 6 sites all over the country and we conduct two audits a year. We seem to raise very good non conformance and end of the day since I am the secretariat I do the follow up but prior to that I check if it is ready to be closed. Most of the time they have problems coming up corrective action despite this being a yearly do. What can we do about this. customer complaints are a standard problem. They just don’t seem to get the corrective action right. Basically I think they don’t put enough effort or thought.The branch head is also not really botherd to dwell further on the root cause etc. This all happens despite they conducting post more of the non conformances. Recently an auditor suggested I should source for a training on how to handle this. I would like to hear some feedback.Thanks

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