The Future of ISO9000 and ISO9001

In the ISO community there is a fair amount of discussion about what the future of the ISO9000 family of quality standards will be. Of course there will be a new version of the standard coming out in the not-too-distant future. Possibly 2008. ISO isn’t going away any time soon. However things are constantly changing in the world of business, and the ideas of what a quality system should be are also changing.

Some industries have created their own quality management systems that deal more specifically with issues for their particular industry. Things like AS9100, or ASA-100, are quality systems intended for the aerospace industry. There are dozens of competing quality standards that are much more specific in focus than ISO9001:2000 is. This will probably cause a splintering of support for ISO.

There is also much discussion on self-certification. While anyone can say they are self-certified to a quality standard, I don’t put much faith in self-certification. Without audits and other proof that a company is adhering to a certain standard, I have little faith that most companies will actually follow a rigorous quality standard.

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  1. Michael Maurice says:

    Self-certification also came across our minds when we were just starting our business. But we realized that we might not get the kind of trust we wanted. So we’ve decided to work with an AS9100 registrar to get our first quality standard and I hope we’ll be certified soon.

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