When will you transition to the ISO9001:2015 standard?

By now most people involved with quality system management should know that the ISO9001:2008 standard was revised to ISO9001:2015 last September. The good people at the International Organization for Standardization have given the world 3 years to transition to the 2015 version of the standard, which I think is more than reasonable.

Some people may be reluctant to transition to the ISO9001:2015 standard due to its new requirements for risk management. Although a simple risk management plan doesn’t have to be terribly time consuming, I totally understand why many small business owners are hesitant to incorporate risk management into their operations. I have met a few who say things like “you must be kidding…..on top of everything needed to run my business, now I’m supposed to find the time for risk management?”. Again, I totally understand. The reality is that if you are a small company, you can meet the ISO9001:2015 requirement for risk management with an upfront investment of a few hours, and then it could take as little as 15 to 30 minutes per year from then on.

If you are already certified to ISO9001:2008, you should think carefully about when you want to make the transition to ISO9001:2015. Some registrars will want to do a full recertification audit at the time of your transition, regardless of whether you’re scheduled for a recertification audit or a surveillance audit. In addition, some registrars may want to tack an extra day or 2 of audit time onto your transition audit, to make the transition. Personally I think this is outrageous, and I would look to switch to another registrar if my registrar did this.

Check with your registrar about when is the best time for your company to make the transition to ISO9001:2015. It could save your company a bundle of money.

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