What If Governments Followed ISO9001:2008?

Ever wonder what life would be like if your government followed the tenets of ISO9001:2008? Call me what you like, but I have wondered this. I realize it’s a pie-in-the-sky dream to think of such things, and most governments are far too corrupt to do it, but wouldn’t life be better for all of us if they did?

Although ISO9001:2008 is termed a “quality management system”, it can be thought of as a business management system. Actually, it doesn’t even have to relate to business. It can be thought of as an organizational management system. ISO9001:2008 doesn’t have anything to do with being profitable, so it applies equally to non-profit organizations, and could apply to governmental organizations too.

Your city, county, state, province, parish, or even country could, theoretically, get registered to ISO9001:2008.

And what would happen if they did get registered, and did actually follow the requirements of ISO9001:2008?

Vendors, including large military contractors, would have to be evaluated prior to issuing contracts. And vendor performance would be tracked. Corrective action requests would be issued when a vendor is late, over budget, or provides materials that don’t conform to the government specifications. Vendors that consistently performed badly would be removed from the approved vendor list and would not receive any further contracts.

The government would have to periodically ask its citizens “how are we doing? How can we improve?”. Not only would the census include what race you are (why do they ask this??) but it would also include questions on how the government could improve.

Objectives would have to be set, including one for citizen (customer) satisfaction. Government performance would be measured. Where it fell short, corrective actions would be taken to improve performance.

I know I’m dreaming here, but it’s a nice dream. Now back to reality.

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  1. If government started following ISO 9001:2008, all the world will increase QUALITY wise…

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