AS9100C scuttlebutt

Recently I spoke with a very experienced auditor who also audits the AS9100 standard. I, your faithful writer, worked with AS9100 in the distant past, but haven’t been keeping up with the latest revision.

It seems the new AS9100C is going to cause quite a bit of heartache out in the world. A local company will be going through their transition audit in a few months. Last year’s surveillance audit was 3 days. This year’s audit will be 11 days. Eleven days. From what my auditor friend tells me, the paperwork now required by the auditor has multiplied considerably.

I’m starting to wonder how many small companies will be unable to comply with the new AS9100C, or will be unable to afford their next audit. I wonder how many companies will struggle or even go out of business due to the new version of the standard. I wonder if the Boeings and Northrops of the world will have an even tougher time finding qualified shops to make their parts.

Fortunately for me I’m not involved heavily in AS9100. ISO9001 keeps me plenty busy.

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