Assessing your ISO9001-2008 Quality System for the New Year

The new year is upon us. Many people, myself included, reflect on personal and business accomplishments of the past year, and look forward to achieving greater success in 2013.

Did you achieve your quality goals in 2012? Did you meet your quality system objectives? Did you identify negative trends, and take corrective action to solve the problem? Did you identify any positive trends, and take action to increase their effect on your organization? Now is a good time to take a moment and think about your successes and failures in the past year and, more importantly, how you can improve your performance in the future.

Have you implemented your ISO9001-2008 quality system yet? While flying home from seeing family over the holidays, a fellow passenger and I talked a bit about the pros and cons of his company’s ISO9001-2008 quality management system. His opinion is that having ISO9001-2008 certification should be considered mandatory for any company wanting to grow their business in the global economy. He can’t imagine how his company would do business without it. If you have procrastinated implementing your ISO9001 quality system, now is the time to take action and get it done. It’s probably a lot less painful than you imagine.

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