Quality system consultant available

Dear Friends,
Your trusty blogger is now available to help you achieve your ISO9001-2008 certification. I can help you write your quality system documentation, including the quality manual, procedures, and work instructions (if necessary). I can guide you on what’s needed, and what’s not. I firmly believe in the KISS principle (Keep It Simple….). If your quality system is too complicated, it will be difficult to maintain, and people won’t want to participate. You might be surprised at how simple we can make your quality system and still be in compliance with ISO9001-2008.

I’ll help you not only write your quality documentation, but teach you everything you need to know about getting registered to ISO9001. I can conduct training with your employees, perform internal audits, and be there to assist during your registration audit.

I’m in Anaheim, California, and I work with companies in Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, and San Bernardino counties. References are available. No charge for initial consultation. Please contact me at Tim (at) iso-quality-manual.com, or post a comment on this blog and I’ll contact you.


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  1. We need help with getting together a QMS manual for our company, we do not need to be ISO9001 certified we just need a quality manual done for our company. We do not manufacture but we do work for a large company that requires we have a QMS manual. I bought a template but we do not have time to do ourselves. Please call 770-345-1670 ext 212. Could you do this offsite for us or recomend someone in GA?



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